AK White


All About " No Reason To Stay "

Alexandra Wainwright was unaware that the universe had lessons to teach her.

Now, at the age of forty-nine, as she gradually succumbs to illness, she retraces her steps through a life well-lived. Set in the unspoiled mountains of the West Kootenays, No Reason To Stay brims with love and culminates with an illuminating discovery.


"This is a novel of change and compelling insights into the mind of a woman . . . the journey that her disease takes her on and the flashbacks of her previous life with her much loved husband, makes for a compelling and poignant read."

Roberta Rich, author of  The Midwife of Venice and The Harem Midwife


"Like a good recipe, No Reason To Stay comes from the heart, to feed our souls and enrich our lives. Passion ignites compassion, and through love and loss a new consciousness arises where mindfulness towards all life emerges." 

Dreena Burton, Bestselling author of cookbooks, including Let Them Eat Vegan 


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